We love hearing new music. To send us something, just fill in the form below. Before doing that, we’ve got some guidance and tips to follow…

The Submission Form

You can find the form here.

Our form is purposely very sparse, we get a lot of submissions and the most important thing to us is the music. We don’t need to know if you’ve headlined Glasto, if we like your music, we’ll ask. 

We listen to every submission, if we like what we hear then we’ll do a bit more digging + maybe ask for more info.

Make Sure Your Link Works

We accept 3 types of link = Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube. If your track is new and unreleased, you can upload to Soundcloud or YouTube privately.

Soundcloud = If you’re using Soundcloud, make sure you share the private link.

YouTube = If you’re using YouTube, make sure it’s unlisted (not private). 

We do not accept download links.

If your link doesn’t work, we can’t listen to what you’re doing. Be 100% certain your link works before you send it through.

Send One Track

We want to hear the one track of yours that you think will blow our mind. If you send an EP or album, we’ll listen to the first track so it’s better to pick what you want us to hear.

Dealing With Rejection Or No Response

We don’t have time to respond to every submission we receive but we listen to everything. If you don’t hear back from us, don’t take it personally. Tastes differ and everything we release is based on a love for the artist and what they’re creating. If you believe in what you’re doing, continue to do it and aim to prove us wrong, as well as anyone else who didn’t pick it up!